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Municipal Law

Representing Clients in Municipal Law Matters

Businesses interact with city and town government all the time, from building and zoning permits to licensing and/or contracting. We are familiar with local city and town government and, just as importantly, with the Massachusetts laws under which city and town government are required to operate. As you work with local government, it is important to have counsel that is aware of the issues affecting local government and how those might affect your project.

In addition, and when necessary, we have brought cases against local government to vindicate our clients' rights. Bringing a claim against a city may feel like an impossible task. After all, you are an individual seeking recourse against a public entity, and the powers of the government can seem limitless. When you work with an experienced lawyer, though, you have a fair chance in disputes against the municipality.

At Ryan & Downey, P.C., our two attorneys bring nearly 50 years of combined experience to every case they handle. We represent individuals throughout Springfield and Northampton who would like to bring a claim against the city. Contact our firm online or call 413-315-5394 to schedule an appointment.

Bringing a Claim Against the City

In municipal law, there are a variety of issues that lead to litigation. Many cases are related to business matters; others are caused by personal injury or frustrations with land use laws. Our lawyers represent clients in municipal law claims related to:

  • Permitting and zoning
  • Environmental laws
  • Employment law matters by municipal employees
  • Selling or vendor permits
  • Liquor licenses

Because both of our attorneys represent clients in a variety of legal areas, they understand the subtle nuances that come into play throughout the case. In addition, both Timothy Ryan have worked in the local government, giving them an in-depth look at the regulations and proceedings central to municipal law.

Whether you are appealing a business decision handed down by the government or think your vendor permit was revoked unfairly, we can help. We give clients throughout Western Massachusetts the representation they need to bring claims against the municipality. Learn about the representation we offer by contacting us online or by calling 413-315-5394 to schedule your appointment.

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